"Whatever the program size, every department at J&Q focuses on quality throughout the entire production process to insure each mailing goes out accurately and on-time."

– Bob Granat

Vice President Operations Johnson & Quin

Big & Small

At J&Q we specialize in large volume production, but small mailings are just as big a deal and have their own dedicated production department. We produce several hundred million pieces every year, and the smaller thousand piece programs are just as important to us as the big million plus jobs. Production is where it all comes together to woo ‘em and wow ‘em, with campaigns delivered on-time, every time, efficiently and effectively.

Think of Production as the whole brain of our process: the result of the left and right brains joining forces to deliver the most effective communication tactics.

Direct Mail Production Services

J&Q offers a full-spectrum of direct marketing and production services; your single-stop provider that saves your company time and money. With our full service offering, we combine experience and know-how with the latest how-to technology to ensure every facet of production contributes to that aforementioned wow! factor.

We can connect your direct marketing campaigns to mobile and Internet programs, QR Codes, and personalized URLs that trigger two-way interaction and dialogue, and provide real-time campaign tracking to leverage results and gain a true ROI.

Print Production

Our facility prints and images everything from simple letters and postcards to high-color forms, highly personalized self-mailers and other custom communications. Customers benefit from scheduling efficiencies with our high quality full color ink-jet printing. It combines the printing and personalization into a single step, allowing your programs to arrive in home faster. If you want to go the traditional route we continue to offer both offset printing and monochrome personalization under one roof.

J&Q's 105,000 square-foot facility includes an on-site warehouse that encompasses 22,000 square feet of space to take on projects large or small. Our ERP system manages your components with bar-code tracking, as well as inventory and usage reports.

Variable Data Printing

Studies have shown that targeted, personalized mailings consistently generate high response rates. J&Q offers several variable printing options to meet all your direct mail objectives.

  • High-Speed Color Inkjet Printing – Color inkjet presses combine all the color images, copy and personalized variables in a direct mail form into a single production process. Benefits include reduced postage costs, unlimited versioning, elimination of preprinted forms and shortened timeframes, as well as exceptional quality and speed.
  • Color Digital Printing – J&Q's full color variable digital printers are geared to print high-end components with highly versioned photos, logos, and on-demand print campaigns.
  • Laser Printing – With both cut sheet and continuous 600 dpi laser personalization, J&Q gives customers the choice of simplex and duplex imaging, plus the ability to image signatures, maps, graphs, bar codes and MICR.
  • Ink Jet Addressing – High-speed ink jet equipment, offering up to 600 dpi, delivers economical personalization of postcards, self mailers, and closed-face envelopes. Our variety of equipment provides simplex and duplex imaging, as well as highlight color and the ability to personalize on a variety of substrates.
  • Card Imaging – High quality, high speed card imaging can be applied to both laminated or UV finished cards, as well as plastic or paper substrates. And variable information can be printed on one or both sides of the cards.

Bindery and Finishing

Finishing capabilities include folding, cutting, inter-stacking and nesting, wafer sealing, gluing, UV coating, laminating, and diecutting. Some finishing steps can be completed in line, reducing turnaround time as well as handling.

Personalized loyalty and gift cards can be intelligently match-affixed to letters and other carriers. The same size as credit cards, coupon card mailers can be included with virtually any direct mail piece or as a self-mailer.


Here's yet another category where we excel in quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. We've got the full arsenal, from powerful software for matching and inserting multiple personalized components, to standard and oversize inserters, to good old fashioned human inserters for hand assembly when required.

Large volume mailings fly through production on our battery of Pitney Bowes high speed FlowMaster® inserting systems. They combine cutting and folding of continuous lasered forms in-line with inserting to maximize speed and efficiency. At the other end of the spectrum, small volume work is monitored by dedicated staff in a separate production environment in JQXpress.

J&Q specializes in closed-face matched packages and sensitive documents. We utilize electronic camera systems to assure matching accuracy for packages with multiple personalized components. We also verify and audit accurate insertion of live checks and other sensitive documents.

JQXpress Small Volume Production

Smaller business mailings require the same professional expertise and production quality as large direct mail projects. With JQXpress, J&Q provides resources for your targeted communications that are limited in quantity to be produced by one trusted source.

With the latest in data services, personalization software, and cutting-edge printing capabilities, all of your smaller mailings – even those that involve special handling, compliance requirements, or highly personalized information – can be handled in the secure, QC focused environment of JQXpress.

Quality Control With Every Step

Along with security, quality control is emphasized in every step of the production process at J&Q. Dedicated QC staff work with each department to review QC procedures and train all employees on our vital QC processes. From the initial review of data and art through programming, printing and mailing, our staff reviews the output from each step and documents the checks to provide a complete audit trail for each job. Our focus on quality control ensures your direct marketing programs are accurate and looking good out the door to meet your response goals and beyond.

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