"The sky is the limit when customizing each piece."

– Andrew Henkel

Vice President, Sales Johnson & Quin

Flexible High Quality Color Production

J&Q offers both full color inkjet and digital presses which print the entire direct mail piece in one pass providing unlimited versions and customization to each recipient. Color photos, images and copy can be pulled into each piece based on each person’s interests, purchasing history, age, geography or other specific information in the data. The more relevant the offer to each individual, the more likely they are to respond, increasing return on marketing investment.

For medium to large volume mailings a high-speed color inkjet press provides efficient, flexible production of letters and direct mail forms. When high-end products and services require exceptional quality, a digital press like the Xerox® iGen4® provides outstanding print and personalization on stocks as heavy as 18 pt.

High-Speed Color Inkjet for Your Personalized Printing Needs

J&Q’s Screen Truepress Jet520ZZ color inkjet web press combines all the color elements, copy and variables in a direct mail form into a single process. All graphics, images and copy on personalized components can be in color and variable. A roll of plain white paper feeds into the printer with a full color printed and personalized form being output, ready for folding and inserting.

Color inkjet presses have made significant advancements and now provide quality comparable to traditional offset printing and laser personalization, even on commodity paper stocks. The Screen Truepress Jet520ZZ prints 720 x 360 dpi with an amazing perceived print quality of 1440 dpi! Maximum paper size is 20 inches wide with a length of 40 inches or longer.

Multiple versions, controls and tests can all be combined into one production run with significant benefits including –

  • Substantially reduced postage costs when versions are combined, resulting in a higher concentration of mail pieces going to each postal distribution facility and lower postage rates.
  • Increased response to campaigns due to personalization and targeting to each individual.
  • Elimination of pre-printed forms and inventory management, and the associated costs.
  • Comparable pricing and quality to traditional print and personalization.
  • Faster time frames from data to mail due to the speed of the press and the elimination of the offset printing step.

J&Q’s Screen Truepress Jet520ZZ High-Speed Color Inkjet Printing System


Color Digital Variable Printing

Color digital presses like the Xerox® iGen4® print high-end, personalized direct mail pieces that speak one-to-one to each recipient, increasing response rates and campaign success. They deliver exceptional image quality and color consistency with 600 x 4800 dpi. Maximum sheet size is 14.33 x 22.5 inches allowing efficient production of letters, self-mailers and postcards. For postcards and self-mailers requiring heavy-weight paper to stand out in the mail, up to 18 pt stock can be used.

UV coating can be added to enhance the digitally printed color images and protect postcards and self-mailers as they travel through the postal system. J&Q’s UV Coater produces a durable, high-quality gloss or satin finish that protects and enhances the life of documents.

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Download our Color Inkjet Printing FAQ PDF to learn more about the benefits of color inkjet printing.


Request an 18” x 45” sample printed on the Screen Truepress Jet520ZZ High-Speed Color Inkjet to see the actual quality.