"The postal experts at J&Q are saving our company thousands of dollars in postage and delivery costs over our previous vendor, as they optimize each mail file, lower our postage costs, and increase our ROI."

– Project Manager

Financial Client

Postal Optimization

Mailers are continually impacted by increases in postal costs. That's why it's critical to choose a provider with detailed knowledge of postal rates, presorting, and postal optimization methods. Through careful analysis of each mail file, J&Q will help you determine which postal solution best fits your requirements, ensuring your company enjoys the benefits of the lowest total postal costs including postage, fees, and freight, as well as timely in-home delivery.

Now You Can Manage Every Point of the Mailing Process

Full-service Intelligent Mail® Barcode (IMb)

J&Q is approved by the United States Postal Service (USPS) and was one of the very early adopters for the full-service Intelligent Mail Barcode. The IMb is a sophisticated, 65-digit code that enables distinctive identification for every mail piece, giving each mail piece a unique identity. The Intelligent Mail barcode offers far superior data capacity, combining a variety of information – presort makeup; class of mail; special services; mail owner and preparer identification; individual mail piece identification; and destination – into a single code that supports multiple special services. In addition to electronic presentation and documentation, users receive an additional postage discount of $1 per thousand standard mail and $3 per thousand for First-Class mail.

NDC/SCF Destination Entry Mail Planning

Did you know there are 29 NDC/ASFs and approximately 455 SCFs (the number continually changes) in the U.S.? Do you even know what an NDC, ASF or SCF is? Doesn't matter – we're experts in destination entry mail planning, so plan on getting the maximum postal discounts in that area. With destination entry your mail is delivered directly to the NDC/ASFs and SCFs. J&Q also provides an on-line tracking tool for clients to verify and confirm that their mail has been received at national entry points and the expected in-home date. (OK –NDC is National Distribution Center, ASF is Auxiliary Service Facility, and SCF is Sectional Center Facility.)


Speaking of those NDC/ASF and SCF postal discounts, we have USPS authorization to combine trays from multiple client mailings on the same skid for shipping, which reduces postage and freight costs and can save you even more. We like to call it a sophisticated pallet (sorry).


Mingling's not just for cocktail parties. This method combines individual mail pieces from multiple clients, typically small quantity and/or multiple version mailings, to get lower First and Standard Class rates.


We use PostalOne!® to streamline your business mail—from entry, to postage payments, to tracking and reporting. PostalOne!® is an electronic information management system that establishes a link between a mailer's permit and the USPS. It manages every point of the mailing process, ensuring your direct mail campaigns are both time-efficient and cost effective.

Optional Procedure (OP)

The J&Q facility has a Business Mail Entry Unit on site, as well as Optional Procedures and Plant Load agreements in place. These agreements allow us on-site postal verification; acceptance for First-Class, Standard Class, and Package Services; and loading of mail directly to postal trucks for faster entry into the mail stream.

Drop Shipment Management System (DSMS)

DSMS allows J&Q to work with approved consolidators to move mail to consolidator warehouses, closer to destination entry points before the mail is verified and postage is paid to the USPS. This helps ensures more accurate and timely in-home dates.

Real-time Tracking/Reporting

J&Q tracks the movement of mail and provides accurate in-home delivery information. Using our web-based solution you can find out where your mailings are, how many mail pieces have reached their destination, and what day they got there. View it all online, in real time. J&Q uses the USPS Confirm tracking system to help ensure that your packages arrive at their destination within the in-home date range.

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