"Our J&Q team understood our goals in student recruitment. They designed and produced a
series of communications that dramatically increased student applications and ultimately enrollment."

– Vice President

Admissions Midwest College

Data & Strategy

Achieving your lofty aspirations starts with a burst of light-shedding inspiration. Insight reveals the Why behind the communications strategy. We use market intelligence, analytics, and metrics to determine the right target, timing, offer, and channels that will turn your campaigns into overachievers (just like you). Our insights are trained on maximizing your ROI.

Think of Insight as the left brain of our process: rational, objective, analytical.

Data Services

Johnson & Quin provides a variety of data services to support your marketing efforts.

Today it's all about leveraging your data to get it right: the right message to the right contact at the right time with the right offer. We offer a full range of data management services that support all data functions necessary to create targeted mailings and digital communications. These include list hygiene, address standardization, postal presorting and optimization (all the way to walk sequencing), NCOA, and custom suppressions using industry-proven software. Our IT staff routinely creates custom programming for complex applications that other companies may avoid due to the level of detail required.

J&Q regularly fulfills, tracks responses, and updates client and internal database systems. You receive your data in the format that works best for you.

Dedicated to uncompromising data security, our ERP system and IT infrastructure maintain careful control of your data, instructions, components and confidential materials. J&Q provides on-site data storage, bar-code tracking, re-order points, and consumption reports—all from one source.

Data Security

Our highly secure systems and resources safeguard your sensitive data and materials.

Through the years, J&Q has developed highly effective processes that securely manage your sensitive data and deliver complete peace of mind. Holding to the highest data protection standards, we not only meet your security requirements, but also proactively identify issues before they occur.

In a time when both data and physical security are an ever growing concern, J&Q's security policy is based on ISO 27001. Our processes satisfy the requirements of many national financial and insurance institutions.

J&Q has the systems, resources and quality control procedures to protect sensitive customer data and materials, including checks and other high-risk documents.

Strategy & Campaign Consultation

Campaign Consultation

If you want to take the profitability of your direct marketing campaigns to the next (better yet – the highest) level, put us on your team. We offer creative, innovative advice that will ensure you develop an integrated campaign that enhances response rates and stimulates new sales. Turn to J&Q for a program that delivers outstanding results.

Personal Interactive Solutions

QR Codes, personalized URLs, microsites, email messaging, and social media engagement deliver real-time customer communications. They allow for immediate response and improve customer relationships. Ask how our flexible, interactive technology solutions can enhance your next direct marketing program.

Campaign Tracking

Through our MarketSmart Dashboard, advanced tracking capabilities make it possible to monitor a campaign's response through direct mail, email, social media and other channels, while providing additional information that forms the next interaction. This robust dashboard can be customized for you to observe response patterns, immediately distribute leads, and create relevant responses that allow you to touch your prospect again with an even more refined database.

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