"J&Q's MarketSmart Dashboard allowed us to monitor and analyze response on our client's programs through multiple channels which helped us make quick decisions and adjustments to the programs to increase response."

– Account Manager

Direct Marketing Agency

ROI & the Bottom Line

We focus on Return on Investment (ROI), not just response rates, when making recommendations on how to best spend your precious marketing dollars. We recognize that ROI is the bottom line measure of marketing success. So while the upfront insights we provide through our data analysis and targeting methodologies are vitally important, so is the ongoing campaign tracking and reporting we provide to help you assess performance and make refinements to further improve ROI.

When you've got the right intelligence, you're the smartest person in the room.

Tracking & Reporting Through the MarketSmart Dashboard

The MarketSmart Dashboard is a powerful tool to maximize your marketing IQ on the way to maximizing your marketing ROI. The dashboard automatically provides response data for any direct mail or email program using QR codes or PURLs to drive response to personalized landing pages. Other methods of response can also be directed to the dashboard to give complete reporting for multi-channel programs. It lets you easily generate a set of analytic reports, via web or mobile, that are available in real time as soon as a project launches.

With our MarketSmart Dashboard, you can track multiple campaigns over time by:

  • offer/creative
  • responder location (via interactive maps)
  • response channels (mail, phone, web, mobile)
  • response rates
  • social engagement (views, sharing, influencers)
  • survey responses
  • customer profile updates (including email and cell phone information)
  • customer referrals

Integrated Marketing mobile tracking report

Drill down within reports to view and analyze which landing pages each responder visited, the number of unique and repeat visits, click through information, and completion of surveys and profiles.

The detailed reports and response information will give you the insights you need to improve program performance. And because you're getting real-time feedback, you can react immediately to rectify problems or take advantage of discovered opportunities.

The Enhanced MarketSmart Dashboard

Genius, HAL, Savant… let them call you what they may. For truly enhanced marketing intelligence, we offer the Enhanced MarketSmart Dashboard. It combines the inherent power of our standard MarketSmart Dashboard with your internal behavioral data – either from your database customer or prospect files, or from secondary sources of demographic data, or both.

The result is a fully-functioning, 24/7 corporate marketing dashboard that appends demographic and behavioral data to the response information and generates insightful reports that lead to further testing and program refinements. For any company that uses direct response methods central to their marketing efforts, the Enhanced MarketSmart Dashboard provides a corporate dashboard without investing years of development and testing.

Integrated Marketing map report

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