"Our partnerships and association memberships provide us with access to valuable contacts and information that keeps us on top of today's always evolving interactive world."

– Dave Henkel

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No company can operate in a vacuum these days, especially with the speed of electronic communications, the ability to stay constantly connected and a universe of information at your fingertips through all those digital channels. Our industry partnerships and association memberships help keep us in touch with this ever-changing world, especially within direct marketing.


J&Q partners with Raddon Financial Group (RFG) to provide integrated marketing solutions for the financial services industry. RFG has been providing research-based solutions to financial institutions since 1983. In 2011, RFG wanted to expand its consulting practice and selected J&Q to be its partner for custom creative and complete fulfillment services, including direct mail production, printing and mailing.

Together, J&Q and RFG help financial institutions achieve sustainable growth and improve performance by developing and implementing programs designed to improve ROI while reinforcing the client's brand.

To learn more download a brochure providing information on successful financial direct marketing programs created by the RFG and J&Q team.

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