2017 Postal Rates and Reference Guide

Effective January 22, 2017 postage rates increase, and in a few cases, decrease!

For the new rates, download J&Q’s Direct Mailer’s Deskside Companion – a handy reference guide that includes the following information:

  • 2017 Postage Rates for Standard, Nonprofit and First-Class letters and postcards.
  • Mailpiece qualification specifications for Letters, Flats and Postcards.
  • An overview of Postal Optimization methods.
  • Intelligent Mail® Barcode Placement Checklist.
  • Fraction and Decimal Equivalent Chart for quick calculations of component sizes.

For mailers, postage is a big slice of the direct mail budget. We can help ensure your mailings receive the lowest total postage costs, as well as timely in-home delivery. Contact us for postal assistance.

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