JQ Connect - Online Reporting and Document Center

Welcome to your secure online resource center!

With JQConnect you can enjoy the convenience, time savings, and 24/7 access to your projects.

JQConnect makes it easy to:

  • Download documents or proofs to your desktop
  • Approve or annotate data proofs
  • Print postal receipts for your files
  • Access inventory reports
  • Retrieve previous or current invoices
  • View data and list hygiene reports
  • Track the status of the in-home delivery of your mail campaign

JQConnect also makes it possible to post a variety of other communications, spreadsheets, and reports for your review or approval. And because it’s Johnson & Quin, you can be sure that JQConnect is secure, private, and safe. Just log on to www.j-quin.com to conveniently access your files wherever and whenever you need to. They’re at your fingertips with JQConnect.