We print and mail over 400 million mail packages each year and are committed to protecting and sustaining the environment and natural resources to keep our employees, clients and community safe and successful.


Our Focus on Sustainability

Efficient Digital Production Combines With Data Hygiene

To avoid unwanted waste in materials and postage, mailing data is processed through NCOA, list hygiene and address standardization software to insure only deliverable addresses are mailed. All direct mail is printed on high-speed color inkjet presses with white paper in and highly personalized color documents out. This reduces excess form inventory and spoilage caused by multiple production steps. J&Q continually researches and adds new more efficient and environmentally friendly equipment to stay on top of the most recent technology which provides environmental advantages, as well as cost savings and quality improvements for clients.

a child's hands holds a young tree seedling

Paper is Key to Print

All J&Q spoilage is recycled during production with sensitive documents collected in locked containers, shredded and securely recycled. J&Q is also a member of Two Sides North American, a non-profit organization that promotes the responsible production and use of print and paper.

  • J&Q recycled 884 tons of paper in 2021 which equals 6,442 trees!

Energy Efficient Facility

Our production facility meets or exceeds all environmental legislation. Energy efficient lighting has been installed throughout the facility and occupancy sensors ensure lights are on only when the area is occupied. Old HVAC units have been replaced with new more efficient units. J&Q participates in a Demand Response Program through NRG to keep local energy supply and demand balanced and reduces emissions. We also participate in an Energy Company Audit to adjust heating and cooling systems based on office occupancy. Many departments are offered hybrid working options to work remote which reduces energy consumption as employees work from home.

J&Q Partners

Our logistics partners have SmartWay Certification, an innovative collaboration between the EPA and the freight industry to help move goods in the cleanest, most energy-efficient ways to increase energy efficiency. This reduces greenhouse gases and air pollution and protects public health. Our equipment suppliers each have sustainability programs to protect the environment including reduced electricity consumption and decreased CO2 emissions as well as energy-saving production design, recycling programs and more.

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