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High Volume Direct Mail

High Volume Direct Mail

At J&Q we specialize in large volume production. We produce several hundred million mail pieces every year, using the latest technology in data processing, security, personalization and lettershop. Our facility and expert staff print, image and mail window and closed face letter packages, as well as postcards and self-mailers and other custom communications.



Studies have shown that targeted, personalized mailings consistently generate high response rates. J&Q offers several variable printing options to meet all your direct mail objectives, including high-speed color inkjet, digital color, read/write envelope printing and card imaging.

Color Inkjet

Color Inkjet

J&Q specializes in high-speed full color inkjet production. The entire direct mail piece is printed in one pass providing unlimited versions and customization to each recipient. Color photos, images and copy can be pulled into each piece based on each person's purchasing history, age, geography or other specific information in the data. MICR checks can also be printed on one of the presses using MICR toner. The more relevant the offer, the more likely the person is to respond, increasing return on marketing investment.

Offset-Forms Printing

Warehouse and Inventory

J&Q's on-site warehouse provides paper and component storage for ongoing programs and quick turns. An ERP system manages components with bar-code tracking, as well as inventory and usage reports.


  • High-Speed Color Inkjet Printing - Color inkjet presses combine all the color images, copy and personalized variables in a direct mail form into a single production process. MICR can now be printed on a color inkjet press for variable full-color checkletters. Benefits include reduced postage costs, unlimited versioning, elimination of preprinted forms and shortened timeframes, as well as exceptional quality and speed.
  • Color Digital Printing - J&Q's full color variable digital printers are geared to print high-end components with highly versioned photos, logos, and on-demand print campaigns.
  • Color Inkjet Envelope Printing - During the inserting process, personalize outer envelopes based on each individual letter including name and address, copy and images - in color.
  • Inkjet Addressing - High-speed inkjet equipment delivers economical personalization of postcards, self-mailers, and closed-face envelopes.
  • Card Imaging - High quality, high speed card imaging can be applied to both laminated or UV finished cards, as well as plastic or paper substrates.

Color Inkjet Printing

J&Q's Screen Truepress Jet520ZZ Advanced and Jet520NX color inkjet web presses combine all the color elements, copy and variables in a direct mail form into a single process. Quality is comparable to traditional offset printing and laser personalization, even on commodity paper stocks. A roll of plain white paper feeds into the printer with a full color printed and personalized form being output.

The Jet520NX presses can also print MICR for checks providing full-color variable promotional checkletters with enhanced security features compared to traditional check production.

Controls, tests and multiple versions can all be combined into one production run with significant benefits including:

  • Substantially reduced postage costs
  • Increased response with one-to-one personalization and targeting
  • Elimination of pre-printed forms and inventory management
  • Faster time frames from data to mail
  • Enhanced security features for MICR checks include VOID pantographs, anti-copy technology, microprinting and other features.

Top quality production and campaigns delivered on-time, every time, efficiently and effectively

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